JOBS & INVESTMENT NEEDED NOW – Stretches Dollars Further

*Historically low construction costs – invest now and stretch dollars further.
*Jobs – Prop. 1 creates over 300 local family-wage jobs – now when we need them
*Invest in Tacoma’s economy - $10-11 million annually back into the city now
*Just like the leaky roof. Fix it now or costs a lot more in the future. Make Street REPAIRS now for less instead of 14 times more expensive to REPLACE in the future because of further deterioration.

2% Tax on Utility Company Earnings

*2% tax on the earnings of electric, natural gas and phone utility companies – generates $10-11 million in additional streets improvements funding annually
*Tacoma utility taxes are more than 30% lower than others in the region
*Even if utility companies pass along 2% to ratepayers in the future, the cost to the average residential ratepayer would $4.72 per month or less.